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Amazon warranty


Warranty submission

Your warranty has been submited!

Warranty details

Amazon VIRE customers are allegeable for a one year warranty. 
The warranty will cover any damage that may have been caused due to shipping errors or any other none use damages. any damages that have been caused by miss-use and or a customer faulty use and or storing conditions of the VIRE will not be covered by the warranty.
receiving the alleged faulty product our team will check and determine the condition of the product and the cause of the damages, only after one of our product quality team members will check the product and redeem that the damages were caused by normal use and or factory fault and or shipping errors the warranty will be allegeable.

You need to fill and submit this warranty within 3 weeks of the order date, otherwise the warranty will NOT be fulfilled 

Refund & Return Policy

You may return our product for a full refund within 30 days of receiving it for any reason. The product must be returned unused in the original package. The product will be inspected by our team within 7 days of getting the product via mail for damages and misuse. Credit funds will be released 7 days after inspection. Customer should pay for return shipping.

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